07 04 20:00 „Twinsbet“ arena
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The centenary Song Celebration stands as a great opportunity for the reflection of the Lithuanian musical culture, which will be presented during the Brass Band Concert “Brass Storm”, among other events. A grand joint orchestra will be accompanied by drum players, dancers, and singers, whose combined energy will leave a remarkable impression.

The concert “Brass Strom” will invite the audience to take a deeper breath – to one’s essence ­– during the anniversary Song Celebration. By blowing in the one-hundred-year tradition into their instruments, they will blast out the most modern event of the Song Celebration, which will combine music with its visual features.

In this musical and visual journey, the program by various orchestras will guide the audience through the past, the present and the future times in order to hear the music and to see it, to recognize historical contexts and to see the future prospects, to hear silence and to experience its colour. The performers will speak to the contemporary times in their language while being on the same side as the life and wind is, maintaining music in their hands and in their hearts even during the biggest storms.

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