The title of the anniversary Lithuanian Song Celebration - “May the Green Forest Grow” – codes the goal to our community, outlines our duty to acknowledge the Who and Why planted the green forest a century ago, as well as our obligation to grow it for the future generations to benefit from its shade.

Let’s meet in 2024 to sing and dance our past and our present discovering both the past and the present tenses of the key word – vitality – of a human and culture, of a tree and a bird. This word is about us. Us, as the community, the kin. Us, who make Lithuania.

29 June

Anniversary Song Day in Kaunas

30 June

The Day of World Lithuanians and National Minorities
Vilnius Town Hall Square

Centenary Evening
Vilnius Cathedral Square

1 July

Opening of the Children‘s Traditional Crafts Village
Outside Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Katedros Square 4, Vilnius)

Opening of the Folk Art Exhibition
Museum of Applied Arts and Design (Arsenalo Street 3A, Vilnius)

2 July

Kanklės Concert
Church of St Johns (Šv. Jono Street 12, Vilnius)

Folklore Day
Vilnius Bernardine Garden, castles territory, Cathedral Square

3 July

Theatre Day
Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Katedros Square 4, Vilnius)

Ensembles Evening
Kalnų Park Stage (T. Kosciuškos Street, Vilnius)

4 July

Vocal Ensembles Concert
Lithuanian National Philharmonic (Aušros Vartų Street 5, Vilnius)

Brass Band Concert
„Avia Solutions Group“ Arena (Ozo Street 14, Vilnius)

5 July

Dance Day
Lithuanian Football Federation Stadium (Stadiono Street 2, Vilnius)

6 July

Participant Procession
From Vilnius Cathedral Square to Vingio park

Song Day
Vilnius Vingio Park Stage (M. K. Čiurlionio Street 100, Vilnius)