06 30 21:00 Vilnius Cathedral Square | free admission

History needs stories, and by telling them, we become one with them. History needs people: both those present today and those already speaking from the eternity. History connects everyone, gathering them together on the same path – the path of the century. This path can only be revived through imagination and through memory.

Meeting in Vilnius Cathedral Square, the participants and spectators of the Song Celebration will be together and will sing together. Memory and imagination will recall the centennial history of the Song Celebration. The program of the concert will invite to listen to the voice of memory. What does it sound like, if it is not only mine, if it belongs to all of us? What is the language of imagination, recognizable and understandable to those who started the journey of the century-long journey and continue it today? On the Centenary Evening, they will all meet, talk and recognize each other – from memory, from speech, from voice.

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