A century of binding tradition.

100th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Song Celebration.
29 June - 6 July 2024



2023 11 17

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2023 09 03

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2023 04 17

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What is a century? What significance one hundred years hold in the infinity of our time? It takes one hundred years for a pine to grow, it can also be a life span of a fortunate human, who lives the life watching the changing surface of the world, while becoming more and more certain that in the run of centuries the foundation of the world stays intact.

What glued us together as a community back then in 1924, at the first Lithuanian Song Celebration, and what would still bind in 2024 - one century past, when we would meet again? We will certainly be different, yet the same – the singing and dancing Lithuanian nation, speaking the same language and cherishing the same culture.


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